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Nov-Dec 2013

Finishing up the year with a couple of films, Matt coordinated the boxing film "ANY DAY" with Sean Bean, for Director Rustam Branaman. He last worked with Rustam coordinating his last film "THE CULLING" in New Orleans.

He also coordinated the underwater thriller "SUBMERGED" for Director Steven C. Miller. Nothing like filming underwater.

Oct. 2013

Matt worked in Colorado on the upcoming "FAST & FURIOUS 7" safety rigging his way through the Colorado mountains near Pikes Peak.

July-Aug. 2013


March-April 2013


Stunt Coordinator on "The Curse of Downers Grove" here in Los Angeles. A thriller with a few nice stunts, promises to be exciting.

Prepping a commercial for a big insurance company, they've asked us to keep quiet on who for the moment.

Jan. 2013


Matt is starting off the new year with a nomination for a SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARD in the category of:

Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture; for his work as part of the stunt team on SPIDERMAN. His son Bannon also worked on the show and has been nominated as well.


Nov-Dec 2012

Matt finished up two photo shoots for USAA insurance company just in time for Zombie Apocalypse on the 21st of Dec.


Matt Stunt Coordinated a "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" commercial for LG TV's.


Matt starts pre production on "THE PENDANT" next month with plans to begin principal photography in March.

August 2012


Matt continues to prep on "THE PENDANT" 2nd Unit/Stunts have started putting together the films big car chase sequence.


Matt just wrapped up coordinating director Frank Reina's film "FIRST LOVE" here in Los Angeles.


Matt will be coordinating "UNLIMITED" in Arizona for director R. Christian Anderson (no relation). Currently in early prep.


June 2012


Prepping the upcoming film "THE PENDANT" shooting in Shreveport, LA. Matt is Stunt Coordinating and 2nd Unit Directing.


Prepping for the upcoming film "WAY OF THE WICKED" shooting back East. Matt is the Stunt Coordinator.


Matt just finished a day as Stunt Coordinator on "THE SCRIBBLER"


Don't forget to watch for Matt in soon to be released



February, 2012

Matt is Stunt Coordinating and 2nd Unit Directing "Execution Style" for director Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans, Punisher: Warzone).

Stunt Coordinating Duane Journey's black comedy "BLACK FOREST" here in Los Angeles w/ Lara Flynn Boyle, Cary Elwes, & Molly Quinn from ABC's "CASTLE."


January, 2012


Matt directed the short film "THE CHASE" for Original SWAT boots. It debuted at the recent SHOT SHOW in Las Veagas and was very well recieved. It can be seen at Original SWAT's website.


Prep has begun for the film "Black Forest" which Matt will be coordinating. Lot's of rigging in this one folks.

September/October, 2011

Matt is currently in NEW ORLEANS Stunt Coordinating the horror film "THE CULLING." He's also looking at studio facilities to bring a STUNTWORKS branch to the big easy.

Coming up Oct, 25th is the release of the MARVEL COMICS ONE SHOT "A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THOR'S HAMMER." Matt Stunt Coordinated this short film for MARVEL that will be released as an extra on the upcoming DVD/BLURAY release of "CAPTAIN AMERICA."

Marvel Interview

August, 2011

Stunt Coordinating the twisted crime/thriller "INNOCENCE BLOOD" with DEXTER actor C.S. LEE.

July, 2011

Stunt Coordinating the family film "HARLEY'S HILL."

May 2011

SONY PICTURES is releasing "CROSS," a film starring Brian Austen Green & Michael Clark Duncan that Matt Produced & Stunt Coordinated.

March, 2011

Stunt Coordinating the film "TWO JACKS," an adaptation of a TOLSTOY short story with Sienna Miller.

Variety Link

February, 2011

The Japanese film "OBA: THE LAST SAMURAI," a WWII film about the U.S. invasion of Saipan, has hit theaters in Japan and has been number 1 for 3 weeks. Matt played the role of Captain Grabbias and advised on stunts with the local stunt coordinator in Thailand.

Variety Review

January, 2011

Matt Stunt Coordinatated the film "MONSTER MUTT" which released this month.




Matt is the Stunt Coordinator for the horror film "FORGET ME NOT" shooting here in Los Angeles.


Matt is off to N.Y.C. FOR Tribeca.

"THE OBJECTIVE" has 4 shows during the festival.

Matt was the second lead in the film, playing Chief Wally Hamer the team leader of a Special Forces team in Afghanistan.

Objective Trailer

Objective Website

Objective Pics


Here's an article about it from American Cinematographer.


American Cinematographer


Matt is the Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director of the star studded film "LA LINEA for director James Cotten. H magazine has done an article on the filming and a teaser trailer is now available. It looks great, congrats to the films director and producers.


Matt's film OTIS will be out soon. In the meantime the trailer is out. take a look.

OTIS Trailer

It's a busy month and in fact will be busy for Matt through the end of the year. Here's what's coming up.


Matt is Stunt Coordinating this star studded crime drama. James Cotten is directing with Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, and Esai Morales starring.



Once again Matt is Stunt Coordinator for RAW FEED.

Rest Stop 2 is a Supernatural Thriller and sequel to the best selling Warner Brothers Rest Stop. Currently he is in pre production.

Supermarket is a Sci Fi thrill ride with action galore. Currently in prep.

RAW FEED is the official outlet for Warner Brothers dvd.

Variety Article



Matt is Stunt Coordinating this black comedy for production company

RAW FEED.  Once again teaming up with Dan Myrick, who is producing, and working with Director Tony Krantz.


The cast includes Daniel Stern, Kevin Pollack, &  Illeana Douglas.


Matt is Stunt Coordinating this film Directed by Don Flaherety.


Pick ups have begun on Matt's first feature as a director. More are scheduled this month and in May.


Matt played a small role as a thug and assisted Stunt Coordinator Garrett Warren on additional filming of this Jesse Johnson film done last year.


Matt 2nd Unit Directed and Stunt Coordinated on the LA unit for director Jesse Johnson. Great to work with Jesse again, always a pleasure. Lots of fun, lots of car chasing, and as with any JJ movie...lots of guns.

Alien Agent Trailer

November 2006


Matt recently worked on the latest movie  in the Die Hard series. Much thanks to Coordinator Brad Martin and Co Coordinator Tim Rigby for letting me come and play.



Pick ups are being organized for early Dec. The trailer is online at:



Principal photography has wrapped and the film is being prepared for the AMERICAN FILM MARKET in Nov.

Matt is in pre production for his feature film directing debut on this vampire horror/action film. Filming will begin in mid August.


Matt is coordinating and acting in this comedy that chronicles a day in the life of an expendable henchman working for an evil organization.

THE LAST SENTINEL                                       

Finishing up final reshoots on the film and the film trailer is now available at:

Last Sentinel Trailer

3/5 OF A MAN


Matt is the Stunt Coordinator on this period film about Nat Turner and the slave revolt of 1831.

UPDATE:  Matt is now also 2nd Unit director. Thank you Lowell & Ving for the opportunity.

It is adapted from the play by Michael Brown, which featured Ving Rhames, who will not only act in the film but is also one of the producers.


Matt has begun prep as Stunt Coordinator on this Military Action Sci Fi film. Slated to begin filming in mid Jan. 06

UPDATE JAN 10:  Just signed on is Katee Sackhoff who plays Starbuck on the new Battlestar Galactica

UPDATE JAN 27: Pics from the set, video soon to follow. Just click the pic.







Well look no further! Matt started in the industry over 25 years ago and  enjoys bringing his long standing experience and professionalism to any project no matter the budget. His experience covers not only film and television, but also music videos, commercials, and video games.

Take a look at the left to see what Matt has been working on recently. If you have a moment, take a look  around and see what STUNTWORKS can do for you.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Matt finished 2011 ON FIRE in "The Culling"



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